True Luxury Comes in Unexpected Ways at Arantza Hotela

My boyfriend and I have the privilege to visit dozens of wonderful destinations every year. By the traditional definition, Arantza Hotela is the most luxurious stay one could have: Mountain-view jacuzzis and SPA, and delicious local cuisine are some of the amenities we enjoyed there. But luxury goes beyond the obvious, and it’s found in…

The most fun way of experiencing San Sebastian

I love luxurious treats, but sometimes you come across a different type of luxury – the luxury of authenticity. For our latest trip to San Sebastian, we decided to go for a fun place where we could meet people and find the true essence of San Sebastian. Among plenty of choices, a nice hostel in…

An Unforgettable Sunrise from Hotel Iturregi

Perched on a hill with views of the sea, this traditional-looking Basque home keeps a secret. From its windows, sunrises turn orange beyond the lighthouse. The beauty of the landscape is so flattering you will only whisper, hoping not to disturb the peace of the surroundings.

Selecting the Top Ear-rings For Your Own Facial Type

There are various elements take into consideration when picking which ear-rings to utilize, and your face is one. People have their own facial structure but generally speaking, facial structures fit into the kinds listed below: Why ear-rings? Ear-rings could make the face appear broad, skinny, prolonged or fat based on the face structure. Each and…

Earrings for your Xmas party season

Your personal Xmas attire isn’t complete without earrings or maybe a necklace. Include a sophisticated touch of style to your celebration look! Whether or not you are a newcomer to the world of statement earrings, buying something so blindingly eye-catching to wear either side of the face may seem somewhat complicated.  If you’re going all…

The Best View of Bastia from Within the Citadel

Our Corsica trip was a great mix of sunshine, trekking and history. We had a short city-break in between to visit Bastia and its ancient Citadel. If you are visiting Corsica, chances are that you will land at its capital, so it’s worth spending a few days to enjoy this magnificent city.

2 Awesome Things You Must Do In Barcelona

We list the best activities and things to do in Barcelona, including where to eat, where to watch the sunset and a electric bike tour to see the city of Barcelona.